Our Commitment

At Arko Foods, we are committed in making food products of the highest quality, taste, and flavor. Our dedicated workers handpick the freshest food supplies from communities all over the Philippines. Our food laboratory and manufacturing facilities is designed to comply with food safety and quality standards. With over 40 years of dedication in manufacturing and exporting gold-standard Filipino food products, Arko Foods today is a robust company exporting to major cities in Asia and the Pacific, America, Australia, and Europe.


Angelina Brand offers a wide selection of Filipino-favorite condiments, dry and frozen food products, sweet preserves, and classic Filipino desserts.

Lapu Logo

Lapu-Lapu Brand specializes in popular Philippine noodles such as vermicelli (misua), flour noodles (canton) and rice stick noodles (bihon).

Our Story

Arko Foods Phils, Inc. is one of the biggest companies in the Philippines concentrated in the manufacture of certified "all-time-favorite" food products and exported to major cities around the world.

Established in the 70s by passionate food makers Johnny Chua and Angelina Serrano Chua, Arko Foods continue to lead today in bringing quality Filipino food products across the globe.



Johnny and Angelina started making fish sauce (patis) as their only product. The couple directly handled the procurement of fresh fish to it's processing until its final packaging.  Other products such as pancit misua, sweet preserves like nata de coco, kaong, langka, macapuno and halo-halo soon followed all under the matron's namesake brand, Angelina.

With the perseverance and dedication to bring well-loved food products to their fellow Filipinos in the USA, Johnny and Angelina, together with their children, began exporting to US government commissaries. Not long after, Arko Foods became the leading exporter of quality Filipino food products to most Filipino and Asian stores and groceries in California then throughout the major cities of the West and East Coast of the United States.

Having created a niche in the food industry, Arko Foods Phils., Inc. decided to widen its horizon by producing more food products -- from patis to palm vinegar, sinamak, bagoong terong; from pancit misua to pancit canton and bihon; and subsequently, to the manufacture of frozen fruits and vegetables.  Today, majority of these products under "Angelina" are exported to major cities in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Middle East and Europe.